COVID-19 Round 12 - c'mon, it's just a little prick

Continuing the discussion from COVID-19 Round 11 - Year 3 of… - #10022 by Timryuken.

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Round 11 Fk case 5


I have dealt with similar discussions.
I’ve usually left the discussion at ‘we deserve another outbreak’.
There is thought that we are not part of the covid response. But we are. At all times. Whether there is no cases, one case or one hundred.
It’s a pity we’re so selfish though.


Oh dear … another thread and we are in another lockdown.


Hasn’t there been Delta cases in HQ in Victoria and NSW before?
I thought these were just the first case of Delta in the community

She put out a few ■■■■ albums. Horrible disease that was.

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You’re a more patient man than me. They cant even update some form of website to say they’re not accepting walkins at sites when they’re full. Just ggf. Which hub did you actually attend?

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See if these dregs shut it down

Part of a longer (and interesting) twitter thread

LOL Further to my post in the other thread

Just an FYI, walk-in at the showgrounds is now closed due to antivax protest. I believe it will reopen later, but for now (as of 11am when I arrived) bookings and priority eligible only. I had spot at 1115, arrived at 11, and I’m out at 1230. Bring a warm jacket and some gloves.


Was flagged in the presser today. ProBuild private site, not one of the state sites.

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Did they say where?

Noted at the presser that there was a construction site infection last year. What was Union reaction then?

First community case of Delta was in NSW. NSW couldn’t find the link between this case and someone in HQ. Luckily for NSW this guy didn’t go on a 10 day tour with symptoms. But let’s just put that down to good contact tracing…

This one is the second and it a small cluster worth of people.

This could have come from anywhere but NSW and Victoria are the most likely. I still think Victoria is more likely of the two, but I’m not sure of the detail as to when the case was infectious and when he left for NSW. It’s probably unclear at the moment.

It really is a debacle. Theyre going to lose momentum getting people vaccinated now.

over half the supply goes to GPs tho

Police should be allowed to get the batons out and give the kents a walloping


Are there 12 rounds in a boxing match? If so, could this be the last one?

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They’re a danger to the public at some point aren’t they? Prevention vaccinations and all.

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