COVID-19 Round 18 - Dan Dictates you must get back to doing the things you love

Continuing the discussion from COVID-19 Round 17 - get vaxed, get waxed, get ready to climax - #10097 by Soulnet.

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What a pity we needed a round 18.

My guess the last will be 27.

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so 300 odd deleted posts in the last thread.

but yeh @Heffsgirl, greesk make up a significant portion of anti-vacced.

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Will this one remain Antless?

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Is that a genuine question?


Yep. Massive rezili.

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“Round 18 - COVID’s coming of age thread”

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If we reach thread 21, then we all have to get drunk and make embarrassing speeches about what Covid got up to at school.


It’s about now I shouldn’t remind everyone the life expectancy in Australia is 82.90 years :rofl:

That’s unfortunate. I usually see that many Greek flags at the Aus Open.

“I’ve known COVID since it was only 2019-nCoV, and before it was even considered a PHEIC…”


It’s going to be like an 18th birthday.

Starts with so much promise, everyone is going to have the best time ever.

However it ends up being really messy, with a lot of fighting, and some of your friends end the night in hospital.

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C’mon Koala - we’re counting on you for witty naming rights for the latest manifestation of this thread !

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System is an anti vaxxer

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Apparently a child under 10 has died from Covid today.

A child under 10 has become Australia’s youngest person to die with Covid-19, authorities have confirmed.

The child was listed among the five people who died from the virus in Victoria on Friday.

The Department of Health did not specify the child’s age other than they were aged under 10.

It was also noted the child had “serious comorbidities”.

Previously, the youngest Australian to die with the virus was a 15-year-old teenager from Sydney.

Butterfly ward at RCH maybe?

Covid death recording = Died with Covid.
Victoria had previously recorded a death in the 10-19 age group, with journos referring to injuries. - think that one is subject a coronial Inquiry

There was an article last week (I think) with someone at Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine discussing along these lines, will need to find it.

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For those debating Covid and other death trends, the ABS has published a statistical study at various months, including last year’s second wave.

Measuring excess mortality in Victoria during the COVID-19 pandemic

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